About Us

At Ubuntu, we understand that traditional lending methods exclude many MSEs from accessing finance through the use of biased risk vetting criteria. Having worked with over 1,000 startups and small businesses, we truly believe we can help you turn the odds in your favour. 80% of clients who have used our approach, have gotten funding on their first attempt!

Our Approach

By way of illustration, let us introduce you to Karen - a small business owner who supplies stationery to the local municipality. Karen is however always running out of cash to buy stock. She applied to the bank for a small business loan but was turned down because her financial records did not meet the banks's requirements as a funder. At Ubuntu, our approach involves helping Karen to prepare her financials in the way funders expect to see them - so that she is in a better position to receive funding.


Karen is one of 85% of small businesses that do not have formal financial records. Our accounting tool helps Karen formalise her records and gives month-on-month analyses on how her business is tracking against funder requirements.


Lack of business understanding is one of the main reasons small businesses like Karen's fail. Our business academy provides Karen with customised training to understand how to close the gap between funder requirements and her business' perfomance, as per the Accountant.


90% of business plans are rejected by funders due to shoddily presented business cases. By engaging our advisory services, Karen can use our market insights, forecasting tools and frameworks to put forward a strong business case.

Within 3-6 months of using our approach, Karen walks away with formalised financial statements, strong business acumen and a credit risk rating - all of which form part of a robust business case for funding.

Ubuntu in the media

Ubuntu Equity has been featured in a lot of business blogs and publications for its work in entrepreneurship skills development.

Our Clients

" Over 10000 micro & small enterprises

Over 1200 tech startups "


Co-Founder - MD

Lucy has trained over 1,000 small businesses and startups across Southern Africa, assisting them to build business cases that are fundable. Lucy cut her entrepreneurial teeth running a multi-million rand cosmetics business for South Africa's largest retail group, Edcon. She then joined McKinsey & Company where she consulted extensively on business strategy and leadership development before co-founding Ubuntu Equity in 2012. Amongst her notable achievements is her work with Zimbabwe's Muzinda Hub, voted the best incubator in Africa for 2014 & also the Gauteng Accelerator Program, in partnership with the Innovation Hub in South Africa.

Co-Founder - Director

Tendai, also an alumnus of McKinsey and Company leads our work on the African continent, furthering financial inclusivity. Tendai works with governments, commercial banks, MFIs and MNOs - assisting them to use alternative risk rating criteria to issue loans to micro-enterprises who do not have credit bureau-coverage. Tendai is the brains behind our risk rating algorithm that uses outputs from our proprietary accounting tool, online business training & credit repayment data to assess the probability of a client paying back a business loan.